About Us

About Us

Our History

In 1976, Glenn Fronabarger began operations as a local contractor. In 1982, the company was incorporated. Since then, the company’s growth and achievements cover a large range of work in the concrete field principally pouring large floors for commercial and industrial buildings, paving city streets, and performing commercial and residential site improvement. Fronabarger Concreters is the only contractor in the region who has achieved a F100 rating (super flat floor). We’ve recently acquired a 3D system for laser screed, which allows us to pour at multiple elevations on parking lots and floors. In 2011, we purchased a Rubble Master mobile crusher which allows for the recycling of concrete and crushing of rock. We employ 60 to 90 employees annually and generally operate within and around the Southeast Missouri area.

Union Relationships

Fronabarger Concreters operates as a union shop, meaning that we have agreed to hire either labor union members, or non-members who must become union members by the end of their probation period with the organization. Currently, Fronabarger has agreements the Teamsters Union (Local 600), Construction Industry Laborers, Local 908 – Cape and Local 527 – St. Louis of the Operative Plasters’ and Cement Masons’ International Association.

These agreements provide for wages and benefits, as well as specific work rules and specific policies. This handbook builds on those work rules, as deemed necessary by Fronabarger Concreters. In the event of a conflict, management will work with union officials to clarify policy. All required dues will be deducted from employee paychecks, as indicated by the union agreement.

Our Mission

To provide quality and timely service to our customers, creating a rock-solid foundation for generations.

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